Eco Innovators


Eco Innovators was founded in 2005 by sustainability provocateur Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, an award winning designer, 2016 UNEP Champion of the Earth, sociologist, and entrepreneur, Leyla developed the Disruptive Design Method. and founded our sister organisations Disrupt Design (USA) and The UnSchool. Leyla is well known for creating cerebrally activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help people make the status quo obsolete and embrace sustainability. Her mainstage TED talk on design led change has been viewed over a million times, and she leads presentations around the world on activating positive social change through creative interventions.  



For years Eco Innovators has been pioneering the development of tools and resources that advanced sustainability in design education, now we are developing a digital educational platform and resource hub for educators across all of our knowledge areas.

We are developing rapid knowledge transfer sessions for educators in sustainability, systems thinking, and design thinking, for educators across all levels of educational practice.  

Our new platform will be ready Feb 2017. Stay tuned.