We  inspire, engage and connect people with pressing social and environmental issues by providing innovative and engaging solutions and opportunities for making change.

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Where we came from and where we are going next 

For many years, we pioneered sustainability education through the creation of toolkits, experiences and experiments into how to use design and creativity as educative tools. We developed unique and innovative ways of communicating, engaging and developing real world sustainability solutions to people of all ages. 


Eco Innovators was founded in 2009 by internationally-respected sustainability provocateur Dr. Leyla Acaroglu as a way of creating interventions into the concepts, ideas and approaches that social and environmental change based education and communication was done. As a designer, social scientist, educator and sustainability strategist, she started to push the boundaries and build new approaches to making sustainability concepts relevant in an educative and social context. 


Over the years we have worked with some of the best science sustainability brains in the business and a host of creative and dynamic people (the list is too long to go through)!  And now we are turning all of this knowledge, experience and passion into a platform for rapidly up skilling educators in modes of teaching and enraging students with sustainability, design and systems thinking. 

Eco Innovators has been nominated for and won several awards and our innovative projects are frequently featured in the press. We have always taken great pride in working with leaders and boundary pushers. We believe that sustainability is critical to every aspect of society, we pride ourselves on being flexible in who we work with and our client list shows the cross-disciplinary nature of our work. 

Over the years we have developed a very unique process that combines design thinking, strategic analysis, scientific methodology and good old fashioned research to get people excited about social and environemtnal change, we are now unlocking this knoeldge and sharing our techniques with other educators and change-makers. 


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"Eco Innovators, is providing not only academics and students but also businesses with ways to embrace responsibility and sustainability in design" - Michael Short, The Age