Solving problems, local or global, requires creative thinking and flexibility. To help equip participants with these skills, Eco Innovators has created the ‘Ecovators’ design thinking through sustainability workshops. By Providing high energy, engaging and exciting games to learn about problem solving, social innovation and environmentally sustainable design principles, we develop creative solutions and foster a community of passionate and environmentally aware humans.


Offering a suite of tailored workshops that encompass a wide variety of topics from an established range of real-world scenarios, we conduct entertaining and engaging in-house sessions that cover both core curriculum and extra curricula subjects and are guaranteed to excite and energise participants about sustainability and creative problem solving.


Eco Innovators successfully facilitates lectures and workshops for primary and secondary schools, private organisations, government departments, charities, and social enterprises. For each event we curate a mixture of specific content and tested scenarios, drawing on a mixture of design thinking, sustainability, science, art and design technology principles. 


All workshops utilise play-based techniques as a basis for encouraging innovative thinking. Eco Innovators has a solid background in the development of original (and award winning) educational tools including the Design Play Cards, The Secret Life of Things animation series, and the Good Design Guide, that are being used throughout the world to engage and inspire young people and the wider community with environmental and social sustainability through design thinking.


Workshops run from between 45 minutes to full days, or even two day design thinking intensives, and we work closely with organisers to create site, theme, group size, age, and knowledge level specific experiences that allow and encourage every participant to contribute meaningfully and engage fully within this unique play-centric creative space.


Example workshops:

  • Design problem solving through sustainability

  • Waste / recycling challenge

  • Creative play and innovation challenges

  • Ecosystem health and services

  • Design play days

  • Product pull apart and sustainable redesign

  • Zero waste fashion and textiles design

  • Sustainable art practices

  • Sustainability Science

  • Sustainable Futures

"The waste design challenge workshop helped students articulate and clearly understand the reasons for the problem (litter). Students developed creative and sometimes unexpected ideas for strategies and systems to manage the waste in the school more effectively. They walked away from the workshop very inspired to improve the current situation. In the weeks following students presented ideas to their peers and are now working at implementing systems to improve waste management. From a teaching point of view, not only were students collaborating and taking responsibility to improve a situation in the school, but in undertaking the design process they also acquired skills and tools to enable them to act on, and facilitate other change" - Anne Allan, Padua Secondary College


"Acaroglu is a dynamo and the students cannot fail but fall for her energy and enthusiasm" - NGV Gallery Magazine on the Design Play Days